Private Sessions

Holistic Sessions

90 minute sessions combining yoga therapy and talk therapy into a single session. You can choose whether you'd like to start with movement or end with movement. 

Learning interoceptive tools to navigate the sensations and emotions residing in your body to enhance resilience within yourself. 

Yoga Therapy

Using a trauma sensitive/informed approach to yoga therapy, sessions are custom designed to meet you where you're currently at. Whether you are living with PTSD, substance abuse/misuse, cancer diagnosis, chronic pain, pre/post surgery, depression, anxiety, insomnia or just looking to find balance in your mental-physical-spiritual wellbeing. Sessions are created by gathering information from your client intake form and tailored to your unique needs using a series of therapeutic breath, movement and mindfulness. 

Invitation, Inquiry and Choice are foundational tools used to help empower clients in their own wellness. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a space where co-creation takes place in a creative way to hold space for you to achieve full potential. Sessions can be focused around your personal, romantic and professional life covering a wide variety of topics. Identifying your intention, motivation, boundaries, values and goals to help assist you in moving through transitions and changes that arise in everyday life. 

Plans of action, accountability, self-awareness and acknowledgement of potential obstacles are a few of the tools used in a single session. 


Stayed tuned to offerings in the area of Counselling in Fall 2020